24 Hour Helpline

Contact us for all the legal aspects surrounding employment, health & safety, tax and VAT and employee health management.

Online Document Creation

Sophisticated interactive online software allows the creation of over 100 business documents. Each document can then be checked and verified by an expert.

Law Guide

An up to date and comprehensive law guide that covers everything a small business would need to know.


Regular news bulletins to keep you up-to-date with changes in legislation.

  • David SandersSanders Swinbank"We do not have any hesitation in recommending this service to our clients and other accountancy firms"
  • Keith LawrenceLawrence Young"HR Plus is a great – and very cost effective. I suggest you at least invest a few minutes to check it out"
  • Oliver PlayfairDeramores Retail"We would have spent 10 times the subscription in legal fees alone this year! Great value."


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With around 170,000 legal claims made against employers every year, protecting your business and your employees couldn't be more crucial. However, keeping on top of legislation and employee issues can be both time consuming and expensive.

With this in mind, HR Plus has come up with a package specifically designed to do the job for you.

HR plus acts as a trusted HR resource, offering expert advice and practical help with legal matters that may affect your business, from health and safety to employment legislation, and much, much more.

Providing instant access to a team of lawyers, HR Professionals, Health and Safety Consultants and Occupational Health Experts, each of whom are experts in their field, HR plus offers complete peace of mind on the issues affecting your business.

HR plus will give you the tools to stay in touch with ever increasing legislation, such as:

  • 24 hour, 365 days a year telephone advice line
  • Online access to employment, health and safety advice and employee wellbeing matters
  • Legal expenses insurance to cover costs for Employee Tribunal hearings and Health & Safety prosecution (Terms and conditions available)